Christmas rifle raffle

JDR imports reloading goods to order and has a special interest in historical carbines and all forms of S1 pistols and revolvers.

We also supply everything to do with wet tumbling, with machines ranging from the Rebel 17 to the large, industrial-sized CRC units.

Christmas rifle raffle

#1 Post by JD4570 »

Try saying that after a few sherries!

This Christmas, our rifle giveaway is an almost-new Marlin XT-17, 17 HMR, synthetic stock.

Only ever used the once, on a demo day, this little rimfire will make a very nice first hunting rifle for a new shooter, or an enjoyable plinker on the range.

Some images:
All you need do to enter is respond to this post.

The draw will be held at 7 p.m. on Christmas Eve and announced on this thread. As before, the raffle is being held on here and also Stalking Directory and Shoot Forum.

Hope you all have a great Christmas.

JDR GUNS will be opening its new premises at Unit 7G on the former RAF West Raynham in the New Year.
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Re: Christmas rifle raffle

#2 Post by dromia »

I'll enter secure in the knowledge that I have never won anything in my life.

Come on Bambi get some

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Re: Christmas rifle raffle

#3 Post by waterford103 »

I'll second Dromia's comment , never in the history of entering draws , competitions , have I ever won anything . But what the heck , it's Christmas ! lollol :flag13:
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Re: Christmas rifle raffle

#4 Post by Ovenpaa »


Du lytter aldrig til de ord jeg siger. Du ser mig kun for det tøj jeg har paa ...

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Re: Christmas rifle raffle

#5 Post by The Gun Pimp »

Well done JDR Guns
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Re: Christmas rifle raffle

#6 Post by Dellboy »

IM IN PLEASE ... :flag13:

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Re: Christmas rifle raffle

#7 Post by 1066 »

That would be a great Christmas pressy - well done JDR
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Re: Christmas rifle raffle

#8 Post by Whizzbang »

Thank you and Merry Christmas!
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Re: Christmas rifle raffle

#9 Post by snayperskaya »

Count me in please Comrade......and thank you :good:
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Re: Christmas rifle raffle

#10 Post by redcat »

I'll join in - I like the .17

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