SOLD Biometric gun cabinet for sale (used) SOLD

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SOLD Biometric gun cabinet for sale (used) SOLD

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For forum members in the Eastern region, Norfolk and Suffolk in particular.

This is a fingerprint-controlled cabinet, originally sold as an 18-gun variant although, as with all cabinets, that's way too optimistic. It holds about ten maybe 12 and has a "pistol rack" on the inside of the door and a shelf at the top you can use for more pistols or other bits.

It's 145.5cm tall, 50cm wide and 40cm deep. It was my cabinet for a while but now surplus to requirement. I paid about £450 for it trade a couple of years ag. It has a line of old sealant down one edge and across the back edge of the top where beading had been applied to tidy the job up a bit (see middle photo below).

Comes with full instructions and a backup key and spare battery pack. The electronic lock runs off four AA batteries and can store up to 120 fingerprints. The only time it won't recognise your fingerprint is if you've been doing the dishes or using something like using gun-cleaning solvents. You can get around this by storing, say, all the fingers of one hand.

£150, including delivery within a 30-mile radius of East Dereham. £130 if you come and collect.
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Re: Biometric gun cabinet for sale (used)

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