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Re: NRA Journal Spring edition

#71 Post by Watcher »

Could I suggest that the issue may be one of staffing?
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Re: NRA Journal Spring edition

#72 Post by Gun Pimp »

Talking about 'staffing' - I was a bit amazed to see they've taken on a full time plumber! Can any member call on his services?
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Re: NRA Journal Spring edition

#73 Post by Chapuis »

Somewhat surprised by that myself Vince. I suppose the guy is actually a general handyman/plumber as there can't be that much plumbing work on site can there, flooding on century range aside.
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Re: NRA Journal Spring edition

#74 Post by IainWR »

cheeky wrote:
targetman wrote:I do understand the reasons why this has happened.....shortage of money....
I DON'T understand, precisely for (among others) that reason.

If one-off team brochures can raise lots of money every time, then it would seem to be reasonable to expect that the Journal ought to be a vehicle for raising money for the NRA rather than a cost to it. Advertisers in the Journal know they will get a steadt stream of visibility to members. Sure, there is less 'goodwill' available - advertisers will approach it on a commercial basis rather than a generous one - but still...

Perhaps Karen or Iain will enlighten us as to the realities of Journal finance; I am just going on intuition.
With respect (and having done aspects of several), team brochures are a thinly-disguised vehicle for companies to donate to the team tax-deductible through their advertising budget. They don't have to be mailed anywhere, or have any particular content other than a few well-rehearsed items.

Unfortunately Karen did the Journal as a contractor to another outside organisation that handled the production on behalf of the NRA, and I fulfilled professional roles to both that organisation and Karen as a self-employed person, so you will have to ask elsewhere (in public anyway).


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