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Gun Pimp

Re: Diggle results

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EagerNoSkill wrote:Hi D...

Not sure sure - must measure up and see

It was the combination of :
1. On the particular target point level - too flat
2. Angle to target at 500 yards and
3. The new rider

At 600 it was not an issue

Had similar issue at 300 and 500 at Bisley when the firing point drops off the front!!

Very nice to meet you at weekend and, as always, it can be a big learning curve.

With regard to elevation - the same effect can be achieved with a lower back-bag as with a higher bi-pod but, in all fairness, Mik's small bi-pods are a bit small - very light and convenient to carry around but a bit small. He does make a slightly bigger one, which is probably the best for height and stability for serious F Class shooting.

We reviewed a few F/TR bi-pods in Target Shooter mag. last year but, it's always good to have a look at what the top F/TR guys are using - 2nd placeman Adam Bagnall uses the Fito Fusion - a large, light, stable bi-pod available from Osprey Rifles). Winner John Cross used a bi-pod made by one of the Altcar guys and Stuart (of Osprey Rifles) in third, used a home-built bi-pod but you might like to have a look at the latest Osprey bi-pod which one or two shooters were using successfully at 500 yds.

BUT - take a tip from World Champion Russell Simmonds - seen his back bag? It's what most of us would call a 'bean bag' but very adaptable to different firing points. If you go to Blair, it's the opposite to Diggle - you are shooting downhill and everyone needs to jack-up the back bag.

With regard to greasing the target frames - we do them regularly but, with the weather we get, grease doesn't last long! For the June shoot, we'll be sure to do it the week before.

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Re: Diggle results

#12 Post by desparado »

Thanks to all the gang at Diggle who worked so hard to make it all happen; but most especially the two frozen-stiff Range Officers; Vince & Jannette.
Hope you've thawed out now.

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Re: Diggle results

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just Des just
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Re: Diggle results

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Hi Vince

Firstly GREAT shoot, venue and people :grin:
The arrangement at Diggle was unique and truly interesting to me

The clubhouse the content in it the history of it unique

the people were friendly and engaging :good: :good:

As always your advice is well considered and cause for much thought :-P

My time in butts was great and full of banter

So my little complaints were focussed on my p*** poor planning :?
And minor observations on the targetvframes :lol:
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