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Re: NRA staff?

#111 Post by ovenpaa »

I for one am looking forward to a new and invigorated NRA for 2012 and the years to come, maybe this is what it has taken to see the NRA tighten it's belt and look to a brighter and more positive future.

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Re: NRA staff?

#112 Post by M99 »

Quarters wrote:To those that feel the NRA don't have much to offer them can I ask what it is that you do want from the NRA?
As I asked the question, I'll answer - although I do NOT feel that they don't have much to offer.

As I already have an FAC, a SCC, insurance, it is not a case of what I want from the NRA, but what they can offer for me living so far from Bisley.

Now, if for example they were seen to be fighting our corner for everything and anything - I would not hesitate to put my hand in my pocket and pay up.

I've tried without success to find out what they offer in the "Midland" region - they have an e-mail for a "Midlands" regional officer - E-mails alas go un-answered.

The NRA needs members, it needs buckets full of members, the more members the better - with more members, comes more revenue and with more revenue they can provide more services - chicken & Egg scenario.

So, my question was simply to establish what benefit there is for me (And others) who do not shoot at Bisley, are members of an NRA affiliated club so get their SCC through them, from joining the NRA. If insurance whilst target shooting is the only incentive, then I get this from my club - so I am hoping there will be other reasons for me to join and support.

@Heather, thanks for taking the time to reply.

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Re: NRA staff?

#113 Post by Ginger »

I agree that the NRA that the NRA's attitude to things has never been good, there are a few stars in the organisation but as a whole .......................

The NRA really needs to stop being run like a 'club' but as a business with the backend of things, i.e. replying to correspondance, phone calls etc, I know that when I have been up at Bisley that some of the range staff have been too concerned about their hobbys / side lines and generally grumpy if you ask them to fix something.

The 'Old School' way of working has to cease and hopefully it has be mostly hacked away with the change at the top and a couple of the directors, some new blood into the NRA embracing all disicplines of shooting not just TR / Clays etc.

It would be nice if they NRA could work with the Police and Education to go into schools and educate kids about guns and there dangers rather than them just being 'Xbox & Playstation' things. The NRA could train officals voulenteers to go into the schools. Just an idea.

The NRA does have its benefits but my main reason for being a member is my SCC / somewhere to shoot my full bore weapons, the rest I do for myself.

Re: NRA staff?

#114 Post by karen »

Ok here was the reply I was going to post before someone started being rude about me - hope it helps



OK why should you join the NRA?

General reasons

Supporting YOUR governing body – if you support us then we can do more for you. This does work both ways you know!

Support of NRA in all matters connected with target shooting – VERY IMPORTANT! You might not think so but wait till some over-zealous policeman wants to take your FAC and guns away because you only have one leg or someone complains to the local council about your club making too much noise.

Firearms Liaison Officer (his services are worth at least double the current membership rates in my opinion – maybe triple if he cooks dinner tonight!) – he can help with FAC applications, Visitor Firearms Permits and legal matters.


Help with building new ranges

Young Shooters Fund – helping youngsters stay in shooting (donations gratefully received)

Courses and training – anytime anywhere! You want a course in the Outer Hebrides then get the people together and we can send the instructors. Obviously there will be a cost but we have the people and can run courses anywhere you want.


Regional reps – those who do a good job can be invaluable. If yours doesn’t do a good job then replace them!

Discipline reps – see above

Journal (no comment!)

Eligible for selection to GB or NRA teams (TR, Match Rifle, Gallery Rifle, Sporting Rifle, F Class, Service Rifle and probably only a matter of time till Civilian Service Rifle start competing overseas)

Various sets of rules for members/clubs to use when they need them – we can also provide things like draft constitutions for clubs and disciplinary procedures for when it all goes horribly wrong as well as advice for all the above!

Bisley-based reasons

Book targets at Bisley

Hire firearms

Storage of firearms

Buy ammo

Shoot with NRA Shooting Club (a fun, cheap and easy way of shooting)

Shoot in events at Bisley (Imperial, Phoenix, GRP weekends, Trafalgar, CSR weekends etc)

There's more but that's what springs to mind

Re: NRA staff?

#115 Post by Nick »

Just seen the posts after my last entry, sorry I didn't reply but it looks like Heather and Karen have answered all questions. I am online in my own time regularly but usually banging on about superchargers and engine management datalogging in a quiet corner of the internet far far away from here. :oops:
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Re: NRA staff?

#116 Post by FredB »

I have been an NRA member for many years and I am aware that the insurance policy covers my guns------for what? I would really like to see an explanation of the NRA Insurance Policy and details of what exactly it covers.
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Re: NRA staff?

#117 Post by IainWR »

The summary of the members' insurance is at: ... mary12.pdf
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Re: NRA staff?

#118 Post by FredB »

Thanks Ian!

Re: NRA staff?

#119 Post by John25 » ... RA&id=1085 ... RA&id=1084

The NRA has a membership department, is this an additional post at £50k?

The Director of Training has just been made redundant.

New Chief Executive. Cor, wonder what his pay will be?

I do hope my NRA is going to get it right.

So, new jobs at the NRA or should it be jobs for the boys I wonder?

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Re: NRA staff?

#120 Post by John MH »

Was the former Director of Training on £50k? :o

Hope is not jobs for the 'Old' Boys and the do get someone that is dynamic and hard working, retaining the option to terminate their contracts if they don't deliver without having to pay them an enormous severance payment.

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