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Re: Forum

#11 Post by Vossie »

I visit everyday to see what is new, and what there is to learn. The experience and wealth of knowledge would be a sad loss. There is always a good balance between the members.
I would certainly not be happy to see it closed, it has helped me to pursue my black powder passion.
I to wondered if my donation was to small, so thank you.
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Re: Forum

#12 Post by dromia »

All donations are welcome and people give what they can.

The issue is only a small number of you value the forum enough to see it as worth supporting.

If more members contributed a little then the few would not need to question their amounts.

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Re: Forum

#13 Post by Blackstuff »

It would be a sad loss if the forum folded. This is the only shooting forum I still frequent, mainly because of the lack of blow-hard k**bheads that you get on the likes of PigeonWatch.

I never knew the annual site donations weren't covering costs, and i'm pretty embarrassed that Christel/David have been subsidising us :bad:

Social Media based sites/pages have their place but simply because of the way they work, searching for information is virtually impossible and when the same question has been asked 10 times that week, either through the laziness of the poster or the poor/non-existent search function/information retention, they do get a bit tiresome.
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Re: Forum

#14 Post by Mauserbill »

Please re-post the PayPal donation site email address. As a separate post to make it prominent from this.
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Re: Forum

#15 Post by jmc67 »

I enjoy logging on to check up in what is going on and the forum is usually how I hear about things like proposed changes to legislation. However I'll be the first to admit I post very little, mainly because I have little ask and I often don't feel as though I qualified enough to give answers (I'm the first to admit my knowledge about shooting related topics is limited). I do however contribute each year as I realise what a valuable resource of knowledge it is. Would I be sorry to see it go - yes. But I understand the situation. I have just created a website to share some of my microscope images in high resolution. Between the website, domain, managed Wordpress and email, it is costing me about £250 a year to have the site. If it leads to more work that is great, but at the moment it is an unfunded expense.
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Re: Forum

#16 Post by Mattnall »

It would be a great shame if we lose this site. I have enjoyed the content and hope to continue to do so.
I will continue to support the forum as long as I can. If there is a short fall from the donations could it be known by how much so we could possibly look at our donations again?
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Re: Forum

#17 Post by flamoudi »

It would be a shame to lose this forum. I have never donated money but will now, if you post the neccessary info.
I am at the end of my shooting time and giving it up in the next year. I've had the best and the worst of shooting over the years, now as with all things, it hurts to see it all in it's death throws.
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Re: Forum

#18 Post by Christel »

I will pick this up tomorrow.
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Re: Forum

#19 Post by 20series »

As one of the originals I'd hate to see the forum go, over the years it's been a place of not only sharing a love of shooting but a place where during my many trials and tribulations I have had support amd advice.
That said I am as guilty as most other of not posting much, I have made small contributions to the upkeep and are disappointed to hear that it has been kept afloat by Christel amd David.

Best wishes Alan
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Re: Forum

#20 Post by Graham M »

Money sent. cheers
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