Euroarms Rogers and Spencer

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Euroarms Rogers and Spencer

#1 Post by Ovenpaa »

As the subject, does anyone shoot one of the Euroarms Rogers and Spencer variants. I am slowly amassing a collection of the things and have only ever shot one in my life and that was so long ago I just seem to remember a lot of smoke.

Thoughts anyone?

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Re: Euroarms Rogers and Spencer

#2 Post by FredB »

I have one. No better or worse than any of the available repro revolvers. Likes an oversize ball and a heavy load.
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Re: Euroarms Rogers and Spencer

#3 Post by millemigliadave »

A chap at my last club had one, in 'London Grey' (probably stainless?) with the 'target' barrel (Walther made?). I recall him saying that it was accurate and well made.
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Re: Euroarms Rogers and Spencer

#4 Post by mag41uk »

I had a London Grey version. Well made and accurate.
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Re: Euroarms Rogers and Spencer

#5 Post by Mauserbill »

I had a R&S during my honeymoon period with revolvers lasted about a year and then sold them all.
The Rogers was well made and quite accurate and when the cylinder fouled it was easier to clear due to the removable cylinder raming lever assembly, also had a bigger grip for shooters with large hands. Point to note the London grey is not stainless steel but a coating !
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Re: Euroarms Rogers and Spencer

#6 Post by daman »

I have one, havn't shot it for a while - thanks for the reminder! Nice revolver but the grip is still a bit mall for my hands :-) It's more accurate than I am, a good fun gun but, of course, needs cleaning.
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