Full-Bore Back Up & Hosting Renewal 2021

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Full-Bore Back Up & Hosting Renewal 2021

#1 Post by Christel »

Chaps, it is time for the bills to be paid. Our daily back up and hosting yearly bills have arrived, all the usual - it is hosting, back up, ssl cert, domain reg.

Paypal to fullboreuk@gmail.com.

Thank you to Sandgroper for kick starting this.

Dromia has agreed to another year...this is the 12th year we are embarking on.


This is a copy of OP which has been rolled out across the board. Only donations from users who have not donated earlier will be accepted. Big bill is due on the 24th of November, we are about £300 short at the moment.
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Re: Full-Bore Back Up & Hosting Renewal 2021

#2 Post by waterford103 »

Come on you tightwads , get your hands in your pockets and pay up or eff off .
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