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BASC press release

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BASC Press release 3/12/10

"BASC submits new evidence to Westminster firearms enquiry.

The UK's largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), has submitted three sets of supplemental evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee’s enquiry into firearms law.

BASC attended each of the committee's evidence sessions in order to assess the arguments put forward by both opponents and supporters of shooting. Our representatives listened carefully to what was said and extracted themes and issues to elaborate on in order to assist the committee. These form the basis of the supplemental evidence.

The main themes of the extra evidence are:

BASC's opposition to: the separate storage of shotgun ammunition, the 'tagging' of medical records of certificate holders, shortening the life of firearm and shotgun certificates and a proposal to change the shotgun licensing system to that used for firearms.

There are also sections focusing on young people, air weapons and international comparisons.

Separate pieces of supplemental evidence concentrate on:

* Gun security - outlining the current system of security and BASC's objection to central storage of firearms and ammunition.
* The criminal use of firearms - focusing on deactivated weapons and the crossover from legally-owned weapons into the criminal pool.

BASC submitted its main evidence earlier this year. Bill Harriman, BASC’s director of firearms, and Mike Eveleigh, BASC’s senior firearms officer, both appeared before the committee to give evidence.

Bill Harriman said: “We have done our utmost to inform the debate and to furnish the committee with the facts it needs to reach sensible conclusions and sustainable recommendations."

BASC's evidence can be read in full at ... y-basc.cfm "

Re: BASC press release

#2 Post by Robin128 »

Again, very pleased that you have actively shown your support for legal shooting in this country.

In your reco..."The current regime for licensing shotguns should be extended to sporting rifles." do you define sporting rifle, please?


Re: BASC press release

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Have to say, after reading all three documents submitted by BASC, I am well impressed with the breadth and detail of your findings and conclusions. A thoroughly professional and objective review, in my professional opinion.


Re: BASC press release

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Your point about "sporting rifles" was well made. I agree that it looks odd, so we'll alter it ASAP to something less ambiguous.

Many thanks for your kind comments!
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Re: BASC press release

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3.2) The Gun Control Network’s allusion to the Canadian experience is a case
in point. Our colleagues in the British Shooting Sports Council have produced
a detailed rebuttal of many of the GCN’s points and BASC endorses this.
Definitely like to read this. All in all the points are very well made, glad to be a member.
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Re: BASC press release

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Gun control, is using both hands. Ron
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Re: BASC press release

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Well done to BASC.
NRA watch and learn.
ps I'm a member of both organisations.
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Re: BASC press release

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[quote="dodgyrog"]Well done to BASC.
NRA watch and learn.quote]


Re: BASC press release

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BASC sticks to its guns!


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