S-Class Bisley sept 28th

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S-Class Bisley sept 28th

#1 Post by oaken »

Ok folks, it's green light on for an S-class shoot at Bisley clapclap
Not quite the distances I was hoping for but lucky to get anything apparently.

S-Class shoot (sporting rifle) at Bisley on the morning of Sunday 28th September.

S-class concept has been thought up by Dave of the Shooting Shed in an attempt to get away from the arms race that modern target shooting has become.
S Class came about as a result of a desire by David of "the Shooting Shed" to return scoped competition shooting to an ethically purer level without the need for heavy weight, long barrelled rifles and is aimed at Hunters and Club Shooters who wish to compete -against likeminded shooters.
This is a lightweight rifle class of shooting and in an ideal situation a competitor would walk to the firing point with a rifle in a slip and a couple of ammunition boxes in his pocket, I would suggest that any person who wishes to compete but needs to make two trip to and from his car to carry his/her kit needs to rethink their approach to the discipline.

There have been regular S-class shoots organised at Cawdor with Strathpeffer RPC which have been a great success and now it's time to hold one at Bisley.

S-class is for rifles of:
Max 26" barrel
Max 6Kgs weight
Max 12X 'scope
Harris type folding bipod or sling
No rear bag or fixed or adjustable support
No single feed actions so must be internal or detachable magazine feed.
.22 centerfire up to HME limit. Also 3,280fps max velocity on military ranges.
No muzzle brakes.
Other than that anything goes, as long as it is range legal and if your 'scope is 24X variable just turn it down to 12X.
We will be a bit flexible about equipment, it's more important to get people on the firing point at this stage however your score will not be eligible if your rifle is out of spec.


The basic format of this shoot will be...
300yds- 2sighters + 5 shots
500yds- 5 shots no sighters.
600yds- 5 shots no sighters
The competition will use the Bisley F-class targets marked by a Bisley marker.
Scoring will be by a spotter from the firing point.

The shoot will be run as a guest day by Wessex Rifles, a HO approved club, enabling those without safety certification (required at Bisley) to shoot while accompanied by a club Member.

Non NRA members and shooters without safety certificates are very welcome but need to contact me by the 20 Sept with personal details to submit to the HO.

There will also be a lane booked to shoot longer range in the afternoon, probably at 900yds. This will not be part of the S-class competition and can be shot with any rifle and still as a guest of Wessex Rifles so bring a heavy rifle too.
Shooting 300, 500, 600 & 900 is a great opportunity to confirm your drops if using drop charts.

The cost will be £15 for the morning or £30 for the whole day.
If you wish to shoot, please contact me ASAP by email to oaken8 @ ymail.com so I can gauge the level of attendance and book the lanes required. If too many turn up for the number of lanes booked, priority will be given to those who have confirmed their intention to shoot by submitting personal details. ie. with name, address and mobile no.

I hope you will support this new shooting class, and maybe consider using the same parameters within your own club shoots.
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Re: S-Class Bisley sept 28th

#2 Post by Swamp Donkey »

I'm in.
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Re: S-Class Bisley sept 28th

#3 Post by Ovenpaa »

I will do my utmost to attend :)

Du lytter aldrig til de ord jeg siger. Du ser mig kun for det tøj jeg har paa ...

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Re: S-Class Bisley sept 28th

#4 Post by M99 »


I am also in - just stripped my Tikka (6.6x55) down to a bare 6kg - alas I will have to have my scope set at x12 but it makes weight!
I'll email you my details shortly.

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Re: S-Class Bisley sept 28th

#5 Post by c18rch »

I'm in Rup, but what you doing organising shoots on a Sunday! :roll: ;)
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Re: S-Class Bisley sept 28th

#6 Post by oaken »

Well done guys, between us here and Wessex we have enough to fill one lane already and more invitations to go out yet so more lanes may be a reality!
Rich, being the first S class shoot at Bisley, I thought Sunday would get the best turnout.

Re: S-Class Bisley sept 28th

#7 Post by Maggot »

Good luck.

Sadly although Ovendraws suggested I turn up I am on an F class club shoot all day at Stcikledown.

Enjoy anyway. :good:
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Re: S-Class Bisley sept 28th

#8 Post by kennyc »

I am currently trying to work a deal with Mrs C although, I won't need to worry about scope size (6X) or weight of kit (light weight stalking rifle) my main worry is whether or not shorts are going to be banned ? zzzzom
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Re: S-Class Bisley sept 28th

#9 Post by AlieN »

This will be my first competitive shoot, but if you're happy for a newbie to attend, then I'm in. I've just weighed my rifle and it is around the 5.5Kg mark (including bipod and scope).

Email sent.
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Re: S-Class Bisley sept 28th

#10 Post by oaken »

Newbies are very welcome.
In fact, as this is a club guest day, non shooters may attend, though it may be a baptism of fire shooting the comp in the morning. Maybe better to watch and wait until the afternoon plink when rifle handling and range safety drills can be administered at leisure.:-) Anyone is welcome to use my .308 at 900yds if theirs is not up to it.
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