Using Own Targets at Bisley

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Re: Using Own Targets at Bisley

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You can always just read the range regs?
Restrictions on Targets
32. Only NSC approved targetry may be used on the ranges. Self-provided target faces may be used with permission from the Range Office but are not to be affixed above the designated Target Centre Height. Targets must be used in the frames or holders provided and are only to be engaged from the recognised firing point for that target. Snap targets are to be exposed in or in front of target frames. No laterally-moving target may be used on any range other than the moving target range. Hard targets may not be engaged with: High Velocity firearms at a distance of less than 25 yards (22 metres) and Low Velocity firearms at a distance of less than 10 yards (9 metres). Permission to use such targets from the Range office or as set out in range specific orders constitutes permission.
I know people who have been reported for using zombie & human face, body targets - if you think the target might bring the organisation or sport into disrepute & be sensationalized in the uk gutter press..... then maybe it should not be used? Most historic; hunshead, tin hat & more are ok, as are abstract, animals, self indicting are also ok but dont put them near the edges. Just email a pic to the range office they probably will say fine.
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