NRA Shooting Records Recording Errors. Anyone else had this?

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NRA Shooting Records Recording Errors. Anyone else had this?

#1 Post by Dark Skies »

In the course of downloading my NRA firearm usage to support my FAC renewal I noticed an anomaly has crept into the online booking records.

All my rifles are correctly listed with their appropriate serial numbers.
However, when it came to downloading my records I noticed that the system is confusing two of my rifles - both the same model and calibre. It is attributing one serial number to both rifles and disregarding the other when recording usage.

I make a point of using ALL my rifles when I visit Bisley. Looking at the records it incorrectly has me using the same rifle twice and not the other. Once or twice you could maybe have incorrectly done that manually when signing in. But looking through the records this has occurred for every visit back until 2014.

I've only just noticed because other than for renewals I've had no need to download them. The last time I downloaded my records was in 2014. Back then the serial numbers were not included on my records - just the make of rifle and calibre. This wasn't a problem back then as I had only one example of each rifle.

Subsequent to 2014 I've bought and used a second example of the same rifle. It also seems that around that point serial numbers started to appear on the firearm usage records. Somehow during the transition the system has been confused.

I noticed this at the end of January and took steps to draw attention to the issue and have the mistakes corrected.
A few entries were corrected but otherwise it was left as I found it. But whoever was tasked to make amendments then further compounded the problem by attributing the same serial number to another completely different make and calibre of rifle (on the usage records).

I pointed out this mistake mid February but nothing has been done about it. I even took the trouble to go through the downloaded Excel file of my records, put all the mistake right, zipped it up and emailed back to have someone put it on the system.
I never received a reply and having just checked see all the errors are still in place.

Obviously when I sent off my renewal application to TVP I sent them the correct records.
I have kept my emails to the NRA to show my efforts to correct the mistake should there be any queries raised.
Just to reiterate my firearms owned details on the NRA portal are listed with the correct serial numbers. So this must be some sort of coding / data referencing fubar.

I was just wondering if anyone else has had the same sort of cross-referencing foul up and what, if anything, was done about it?
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Re: NRA Shooting Records Recording Errors. Anyone else had t

#2 Post by Pete »

We've had duplicate entries appear on the shooters record for no apparent reason when using the range office computers.
It's further complicated because we have a Savage with 3 one serial no. for 3 different calibres.........
I keep my own spreadsheet and log every visit, rifles used, rounds fired through each, who attended, weather, incidents, etc.
Firearms office gets a copy of both with a covering letter at renewal time. They've never even commented so far.

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