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Re: safe shooters cards

#11 Post by RDC »

My club-issued SCC fits in my wallet. Granted it wouldn't if laminated.

Interestingly, and I've probably said this before, the armoury at Bisley refused to accept our 'issued on the behalf of the NRA...' SCCs because "how can we trust something not issued by us?". That was an hour of arguing, backwards and forwards between armoury and admin office and wasted range time we had paid for that we'll never get back.
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Re: safe shooters cards

#12 Post by Alpha1 »

I have never visited Bisley and probably never will.
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Re: safe shooters cards

#13 Post by Cambs-lass »

I did the 5 module NRA course over several weeks at my local club. I found it very useful and learnt a lot, worth looking into for new shooters in particular.
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Re: safe shooters cards

#14 Post by Andy632 »

Our club is currently affiliated to the NRA but at the moment the committee are debating whether there is any real benefit to remaining affiliated. Only two or three members actually shoot on a MOD range.

As a Club, we do not shoot on MOD ranges or Bisley.

I believe we can get decent insurance elsewhere.

Is there any point in remaining affiliated??
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Re: safe shooters cards

#15 Post by dromia »

If you do not use MoD ranges or shoot at Bisley and can get adequate insurance elsewhere then there absolutely no benefit to being a member.

I would be interested if you can get good insurance elsewhere, our club is affiliated but only for the insurance, if equivalent could be got elsewhere at a better price then we would jump on it.

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