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#21 Post by Polchraine »

David Nimrod wrote:
FredB wrote:
Find out your candidates views and vote for the one on our side!
Why not start a list of MP's/Candidates who are 'Genuinely Pro Firearms Ownership'..?

I think it'll be very short...
I know what you mean - genuinely in favour or just in favour becasue they want a vote!

BASC usually puts up a website that allows you to email all local candidates for their views and then get their responses which BASC then record and make available.

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My brother-in-law refuses to vote and then complains when he doesn't like what the government does.
As far as I'm concerned if he can't be bothered to vote, then he has no right to complain.


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#23 Post by HistoricBore »

Over the years I have taken three different MPs to the range to experience target shooting and to meet other club members. They all enjoyed it, and remained in touch and 'on-side'. I commend the process to you.

And do vote!

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