Landmarc declare War on Smallbore

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Re: Landmarc declare War on Smallbore

#11 Post by Blackstuff »

hitchphil wrote:
Blackstuff wrote:Have they tried saying no?

The MOD/LAndmarc or whoever owns our local outdoor MOD range demanded double the usual range fees for 2016/17, the club said no and they said, er ok then teanews :good:
True or anecdotal?

If True pls pm me the range & poss a club that is facing closure with this can use it as basis of a negotiation?
It came direct from the club secretary at the last shoot (28th Feb). I'll PM his details to you and Miliscer
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Re: Landmarc declare War on Smallbore

#12 Post by Mattnall »

hitchphil wrote:what are NRA / NSRA doing about it?
What did they say when you asked them?

Most TA/Cadet indoor ranges are not Landmarc run but RFCA run and don't have warden assistance on the day (night) so no extra fees.
Having said that our latest annual fees from RFCA went up by about 40% but still less than £10 per lane (3 hours) in the evening.
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Good deals with Paul101, Charlotte the flyer, majordisorder, Charlie Muggins, among others. Thanks everybody.
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