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Re: NSRA insurance

#11 Post by dromia »

I suspect the majority of accidents are due to someone just lapsing in concentration.

I really don't think going on a course will help, all it will mean is that you have gone on a course. What do you do to stop someone handloading? Usually it after the event and they get banned from the club/range etc.

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Re: NSRA insurance

#12 Post by bradaz11 »

you would be unlikely to get a qualification from the course either, more likely a certificate of attendance.
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Re: NSRA insurance

#13 Post by meles meles »

dromia wrote: What do you do to stop someone handloading?
Maybe just let Darwinism take its natural course?
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Re: NSRA insurance

#14 Post by jimbo303 »

Treat any advice from the NSRA with caution - last comms with them confirmed absolutely that their NSRA issued SCC's were acceptable for use on all MOD ranges...............
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