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Just applying for my first FAC & SGC
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Author:  TRG-22 [ Tue Mar 17, 2020 4:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Just applying for my first FAC & SGC

Ovenpaa wrote:
Rockhopper wrote:
So fifty quid and five weeks and it is done. Disappointingly it has absolutely no contact details and is hosted in Bulgaria. That plus my GP charges GBP48.00 and I prefer to know who holds a copy of my records means I would not go with it. If on the other hand, I had to pay GBP150.00 to my GP or he was a conscientious objector I may take a different view.

At the moment, and for the next several months, then on the same basis as Andy's point about lightening workloads, perhaps everybody should be using a non-GP service for medical reports?

Author:  TRG-22 [ Tue Mar 17, 2020 5:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Just applying for my first FAC & SGC

Ovenpaa wrote:
Disappointingly it has absolutely no contact details

That must have changed:


Company info here:

Ovenpaa wrote:
and is hosted in Bulgaria.

The hosting company was indeed founded in Bulgaria, but they have servers in a number of country, including the UK.

This seems to show that Medcert are on a UK server, but IHNI if they get moved about.

But then I also HNI (and do any of us??) if the NHS use cloud services such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS, or use outsourced data centres, and if they do any of those things, where our records are stored anyway.

Author:  andy1979 [ Thu Mar 26, 2020 1:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Just applying for my first FAC & SGC

Do the police send you a form out to prove your club membership or do they just contact the club directly?
I've just completed my probation and paid my dues so i'm now a full member of my club but they seem to be under the impression they had to sign my application or the police would send me a form for the club to sign.
there was nothing on the application form for the club to sign I just put the club details down as my valid reason.

I've received my acknowledgement letter from the police and there was nothing sent with that.
i'd of thought they would just contact the club to verify i am a member.

Author:  Mattnall [ Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Just applying for my first FAC & SGC

They may contact the club but as the club is meant to inform them of the date you became a full member then you mentioning it on the form should point them in the right direction. (APPROVAL OF RIFLE AND MUZZLE-LOADING PISTOL CLUBS, Criterion I. - Home Office)

Author:  Alpha1 [ Fri Mar 27, 2020 12:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Just applying for my first FAC & SGC

The Club Secretary should of contacted your Local licencing department and informed them of the fact you are now a full member. Its not up to you to do that. If you have been shooting full bore with the Club on MOD ranges or Bisley you should of also been taken through a safe shooters training and validation so the Secretary can apply to the NRA for a safe shooters card for you.

There should also be a paper trail to support your probationary training and validation. There should be a record of your application for probationary membership. Details should of been sent to your licencing department by the Club secretary. Before you even started your probationary membership a Police check should of been done.

There should also be a paper trail as to your training and validation to be eligible for a NRA safe shooters card. Your Club Secretary should apply for this on your behalf.

I am assuming this would be done automatically by your Club secretary. You might want to ask him. I also assume you have documentation to support the fact you have received suitable training to be accepted as full member. I also assume you have training material issued to you to testify that you have completed the safe shooter training and are eligible to be issued with a safe shooters card. Providing you shoot full bore of course.

As you have probably gathered I am a Club Secretary and currently overseeing the training of a group of probationers. There needs to be a paper trail and evidence that we are complying and jumping through the relevant hoops. I suggest you go talk to your Club Secretary and not try to get the answers you are looking for on a forum.

Author:  jack Mack [ Sun Apr 26, 2020 3:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Just applying for my first FAC & SGC

andy1979 wrote:
Hi Guys

I'm just getting my ducks in a row before I submit my applications for my FAC and SGC but I've a couple of things i'm worried about.

First off in 2010 when I split with my first wife my doctor put me on anti depressants for a short period I've not had any medication for depression for years.
I do take Amitriptyline but that is as a muscle relaxant and pain blocker for a spinal condition i have.

Secondly last year me and my partner has a domestic over something and nothing which ended up with me being arrested and charged with Assault by beating (I was stopping my Mrs from thumping me) it went to court and it was dismissed through lack of evidence. without trying to sound like a sexist pig it was the bra burning copper that pushed it as far as she could she was a nasty piece of work that one.

Thirdly i live in a shockingly bad area and i'm concerned it will be an automatic rejection just because of that.

I'm a decent guy never had any trouble with the police before last year i'm an ex prison officer and have worked and had access to aircraft at airports so I've being vetted to a fairly decent level before with no issues.

I'm going to look at joining a club on Thursday night can i be serving my club probation while i'm waiting for west midlands police to do their bit currently the wait is 3 months + for certificates or do i have to be a full member at the time of submission?

How likely am I to get Issued my certificates?

Thanks in advance

Be up front with your visiting officer and complete all the relevant sections on the form truthfully, that is the first piece of advice I would give you. Second is, I would wait until You had served my probationary period at your club and you had a person there who could verify you as a member and verify your nature. For what it's worth, the use of antidepressants in the past should not have a major impact on your application.

Author:  Plumose [ Mon Apr 27, 2020 6:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Just applying for my first FAC & SGC

Even current use of anti-depressants doesn't rule out the granting of your FAC, but be open and up front about it.

So much varies from force to force, and possibly even FEO to FEO.

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