Clive Sinclair R.I.P.

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Clive Sinclair R.I.P.

#1 Post by 1066 »

Sad to see Clive Sinclair died today. Although he had some rather odd-ball ideas that fell by the wayside, he was certainly an original thinker. I remember building one of his "one transistor" radio kits and later a 6 transistor radio kit in the early 60's.
Remembered for his ZX80, ZX81, Spectrum, digital watch, calculator, folding bike, C5, add-on electric pack for a bike and many other bits and bobs. Before his time in many ways and I don't really think he got the recognition he deserved.
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Re: Clive Sinclair R.I.P.

#2 Post by 20series »

My first computer was a ZX81, aweful thing in reality but he lead the way for home PCs. When I worked at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge one of the buildings on campus was where he created all of those warly ideas and was named after him..

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Re: Clive Sinclair R.I.P.

#3 Post by bradaz11 »

you know, I hadn't even realised he was the same guy as the computer guy, I thought it was just the bike.

proper inventors are supposed to turn out whacky ideas every now and then.
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Re: Clive Sinclair R.I.P.

#4 Post by Polchraine »

In 1973 he introduced the Sinclair Calculators which where very successful.

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