RIP Chuck Yeager

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RIP Chuck Yeager

#1 Post by 20series »

Just read that the first man to go supersonic and live has died ... ed-97.html

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Re: RIP Chuck Yeager

#2 Post by Blackstuff »

I hope they can find a coffin big enough for his brass nuts!

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Re: RIP Chuck Yeager

#3 Post by shugie »

Nice story about him on Radio 4 this morning, apparently he appears as the barman in the film "The Right Stuff", and when asked about his role, explained he spent far more time in the bar than in the aircraft.
Careful now/that sort of thing
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Re: RIP Chuck Yeager

#4 Post by Chuck » ... 08456.html

One heck of a brave man for sure. never mind the coffin size, those brass balls will be seriously heavy!

They made a movie about his effords did they not.
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Re: RIP Chuck Yeager

#5 Post by GeeRam »

They'll need a even bigger coffin for his ego......

Even all these years later, he still couldn't stop having a nasty dig at the British, as I personally experienced at Nellis AFB in 1997. Unpleasant man.
Complete contrast to his fellow WW2 squadron flyer Bud Anderson, who was the complete opposite at Nellis that day, so we ignored Yeager and had a lovely chat with Bud Anderson instead who was a real gent.

Glad that Bud survived longer than his nasty mate.
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Re: RIP Chuck Yeager

#6 Post by andrew375 »

His autobiography is a good read. In The Right Stuff he plays the janitor who donated his mop handle to Yeager so he could lock the cockpit hatch on the Bell X1 despite injuring his arm horse riding the day before.
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Re: RIP Chuck Yeager

#7 Post by yellowhand »

Men who have faced death on numerous occasions, are not known for suffering fools with grace, just saying.
Common little everyday issues like being polite in the face of ignorance, well, men such as this, just got no time for that.
Between combat missions in the non friendly skies over Europe, flying test vehicles, that often fell apart in the sky, I'm surprised General Yeager could even hold a basic conversation with normal folks.
He belong to a small exclusive club of survivors.
May his memory be a blessing.
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