Local Clubs and Their Websites

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Re: North East Lincolnshire Target Club

#141 Post by Ovenpaa »

Can visitors attend? It looks like we are only a 15 minute drive form the club.

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North East Lincolnshire Target Club

#142 Post by steve308 »

Please note that the club now has a new website http://www.neltc.org.uk

North East Lincolnshire Target Club, Grimsby. 2 x 25m indoor ranges for airgun and .22 rimfire up to .455 pistol calibres and muzzle-loading pistol. Comfortable lounge area with pool and snooker table. Full disabled access. Long range section regularly shoots at MoD Strensall, York. Please see our website for further details.

Steve Davidson, Secretary
07948 683615
email: secretary@neltc.org.uk
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Re: Local Clubs and Their Websites

#143 Post by Plumose »

I don't think I have added this in here

Deddington and District Rifle and Pistol club now has a website at http://www.ddrrc.net

A friendly club just north of Oxford with and indoor 20 meter range and an outdoor 100 yard range
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Re: Local Clubs and Their Websites

#144 Post by BeerBelly »

Don't think anyone has posted this yet.

Middlewick Range Association:


Shoots at Middlewick and Fingringhoe MOD ranges close to Colchester, Essex. 25, 50, 100 and 200 yard facilities available.
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Re: Local Clubs and Their Websites

#145 Post by Christel »

Lincolnshire Map of Clubs


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Re: Local Clubs and Their Websites

#146 Post by Cookisan »

100yard range with under cover firing points, friendly group of social and competetive shooters.

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Re: Local Clubs and Their Websites

#147 Post by Thorney »

We have a new website now

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Re: Local Clubs and Their Websites

#148 Post by Pippin89 »

I can't see it listed so I will add it...

Chichester Rifle and Pistol Club


Awesome bunch from what I have seen so far. But I have only been a member for a week or so!
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Re: Local Clubs and Their Websites

#149 Post by Hairydavey »

We are a club situated approximately 25 miles away from Plymouth, in Looe, Cornwall.

We are currently in the final stages of rebuilding our club as we were hit with an arson attack two years ago. However the building stage is now complete and we are having the electrics done at present with the aim of being back open again for the summer!

It's a friendly club that is open to any and all prospective members irrespective of previous experience, age, etc. We use a wide variety of arms for target shooting (once we re-open!), on our 25yd indoor range, ranging from flintlock pistol up to and including .44 Special. Fullbore rifles can be used provided that loads are downloaded in order to comply with the range lbs limit. Although we are currently unable to shoot due to the rebuilding works, we are taking on new members.

We also welcome shooters from other parts of the country who may be down on their holidays and wish to pop in to keep their eye in and have a look around. In order to do so, please contact the treasurer whose details are on the website in order for us to accomodate you.

Please feel free to drop in and have a mosey around our website here (I know it's not the most professional in the world but it's the best I could put together with free web building tools!).


And being that we live in the modern age and it's the year 2020, we also have a Facebook page!

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Re: Local Clubs and Their Websites

#150 Post by Alpha1 »


The Club has its own premises with two seperate indor 30m ranges with disable access. They have access to an outdoor 30m range. They shoot clays once a month. They shoot on Mod ranges at least once a month. They go to Bisley twice a year. They have over 200 active members and are taking probationers. They train probationers up to safe shooters card standard.

A range is fullbore B range is air weapons and Archery. Saturday morning is bell shooting.
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